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Management of "cookies"
IRONICA uses a "cookie" with no expiry date to recognize customers when they enter the site and can therefore immediately offer a personalized experience. The IRONICA "cookie" can be deleted following the normal procedure provided for in the most recent browsers. However, we do not recommend cancellation, as it reduces our ability to serve you better. In addition to the "cookie" just described, IRONICA may in some cases use other temporary "cookies" that allow you to better manage the user session (eg during the payment process). By disabling "cookies" in the browser, some features may be compromised, including the technical ability to accept customer orders.

Use of personal information
The personal information we collect is used mainly for two purposes: to execute your purchase orders and to offer you products and services that are more in line with your needs, your interests and your expectations.Our personalized proposals are generated by statistical and mathematical calculations , which over time are increasingly sophisticated and precise. In addition to this, the communications we make to individual customers may contain proposals defined by our employees who are in charge of packaging the offers and managing the catalog. Overall, the increase in information over time allows us to improve the level of service. Since this is done in full respect of privacy and without risk for the customer, periodically visiting IRONICA and receiving our emails is a free and automatic way to help you shop better.
Sharing of personal data with third parties
IRONICA does not share customers' personal data with third parties, under any circumstances.
More clearly, no one, outside of IRONICA, can know your data, behavior, preferences and other personal information.
IRONICA may, in some cases, transmit analysis and aggregate data to the outside, which however do not allow a third party to trace the individual customer. For example, we could tell someone that we have 20% of customers residing in NAPLES, but we will never provide individual names or addresses.
Our policy guarantees you 100% that the information concerning you will never be disclosed by IRONICA to the outside.

Third Party Advertising
IRONICA accepts third-party advertisements on the site, in different forms: banners, email campaigns, promotions, sponsorships, etc.
Even in the case of advertising, IRONICA never provides disaggregated or individual data, nor does it allow third parties to communicate directly with customers. Therefore, no advertiser has the possibility to trace the single individual, unless it is expressly provided for by the campaign itself (for example, if the customer fills out an advertiser's questionnaire to participate in a contest). In this case, however, everything is very clearly indicated on the advertising page. If there are no visible indications, the data are in no case provided to the advertiser.

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